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Kangaroo Leather & Tire Wax

Keep your leather looking new with Kangaroo’s leather care products. Kangaroo’s Leather & Tire Wax is also used in all-purpose wax for car leather seats. Tires and dashboards to be shine and prevents all those things from discolorations.
-Easily applied.
-Brings back the original luster of interiors, various types of leather and rubbers.
-Prevention of discoloration.
-Long-lasting gloss effect.

About Kangaroo Leather & Tire Wax

  • Protect and Improve Gloss: Can penetrate deeply and also recover from the inside. So that leaving the appearance of ultra-high black gloss.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Can prevent fading and cracking caused by ultraviolet rays, thereby strengthening and protecting the car tire. It also can be used for bumpers, mudguards, rearview mirrors, etc.
  • Car Tire Cleaning: Simple operation, quick absorption and drying. Non-greasy and prevents dust and sewage from adhering.
  • Clean and Lasting: It will not attract dust, sewage, various stains, and help extend the cleaning time of the vehicle.
  • Simple Operation: Easy to apply and wipe, spray the original liquid on the matching sponge brush, and then wipe the tires to make the tires look newer.

Package included:

* 1 x Kangaroo Leather & Tire Wax.




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