Product information

Brand: Hyundai/KIA
Location: Front Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Left/Right
Product Name: Hyundai 54830 1S000 Genuine Stabilizer Link -Front
Package Quantity: 1 Pair RH & LH
Manufacturer Part Number: 54830 1S000
GPN/OEM NO: 54830 1S000; 54830-2S000; 54830-2S200; 54830-3W300; 54830-2S200; 54830-3W300
Item Grade: OEM
Angle (0° – 360°): 180
Full Lenght (mm): 295
Height 1 (mm): 60
Height 2 (mm): 60
Mounting Length (mm): 268
Thread-1: M12x1.25
Thread-2: M12x1.25
Nuts: Yes
Vehicle Type: Passenger Vehicle
Shipping Information: Self-catering-Dhaka

The purpose of link rods

Link rods (or stabilizer links or anti-roll bar links or drop links) connect the left and right-hand suspension components to either end of a common anti-roll bar made of spring steel which is like a torsion bar running across the car. The anti-roll bar only comes into play if the suspension on one side of the car moves but the other side does not.
For example, a car drives over a speed hump that goes the full width of the road. The suspension is compressed equally on each side, the anti-roll bar simply pivots – it is not twisted and there is no strain on the link rods.
But if one wheel hits a speed hump and the other does not, one end of the anti-roll bar is raised – twisting the bar. The force needed to twist the bar is all transmitted through the link rods which are normally quite light metal or plastic rods with a ball joint on either or both ends.