Genuine Fuel Filter for Toyota – OL070

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Part Number: 23390-0L070

Parts Name: Fuel Filter

Brand: Toyota

Cross Reference: 233900L070, 23390-OL070, 23390OL070


Product Introduction of the Fuel Filter 23390-0L070:

We supply high quality Toyota Fuel filter 23390-0L070, The fuel filter 23390-0L070 materials and technology is the same as that of the original factory.

Product Features of the Fuel Filter 23390-0L070:

The Fuel Filter 23390-0L070 ha s five advantage as below:

  1. For removal of oil, water, dust and other particles
  2. Adopt high performance 100% wood pulp filter paper 

3.100% Soft thick liquid paper and 100% non-woven.

  1. Filtration efficiency over 99% 
  2. High standards from first grade materials specific to its application for American European Mid-East and African market.